Rectangular Mica Bonsai Pot – 45cm


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Name:- Rectangular Mica Bonsai Pot REB 14

How big:- 44.5 x 30 x 13 cm

Origin:- Korea

These Mica Bonsai Pots are manufactured to a very high standard and are virtually unbreakable in normal use associated with the cultivation of Bonsai. Mica Bonsai Pots offer certain advantages over conventional ceramic pots in that they are manufactured from a material which is noticeably warmer to the touch and so the roots of trees are not subjected to such low temperatures during the winter months in Mica Bonsai Pots as they might be in ceramic pots. Also they offer the ability to be drilled into in order to facilitate the achoring of guy wires for the positioning of branches whilst trees are being trained and styled.


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