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Name:- Bio Gold Bonsai Fertiliser

How Big:- 900gm retail pack
Bio Gold Bonsai Fertiliser is possibly the best high quality slow release pellet fertiliser for your bonsai, and has a make up of N:P:K 5.5-6.5-3.5. Bio Gold Bonsai Fertiliser is a Japanese organic feed that is re-packed in handy resealable bags. Bio Gold contains several types of of natural bacteria for a steady release of nutrients without affecting soil chemistry.
Insert the pellets at 2 to 3 inch intervals around the edge of the pot, or scatter an equivalent amount on the surface. Each application of Bio Gold will last approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

So what does Bio Gold Bonsai Fertiliser actually do and how does it affect the way a tree grows?

In human terms Nitrogen (N) is the high calorie component of a tree’s diet. Feeding high levels of Nitrogen will promote strong leaf and shoot extension. High levels of Nitrogen are useful in some evergreen species to encourage a more rapid start to growth in the spring where a certain amount of lush growth is desirable to form denser pads. But in deciduous species it would be better to avoid feeding high levels of Nitrogen until after the first output of leaves have hardened and only then used with caution as it will promote the development of long internodes.

The addition of Phosphorus(P) in a fertiliser will encourage the growth of fruit and flowers. A plant will only take up as much phosphorus as it needs, so inclusion of Phosphorus in the feed given to a tree is important to maintain a healthy balanced development .

Potassium (K) plays a part in assisting the new wood growth to harden, as well as promoting healthy development of roots and giving them the ability to absorb both the nutrients and the water they’re dissolved in.

Bio Gold Bonsai Fertiliser in 450gm pack is rebagged from bulk stock.


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