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Name:- Bio-Alg Fertiliser

How Big:- 250ml pack

Matsu Bio-Alg Fertiliser is a liquid 100% organic stimulant that can be used in conjunction with other bonsai fertilisers such as Fish Emulsion or Bio Gold. Made from 100% cold pressed seaweed Bio-Alg Fertiliser contains essential trace elements, minerals, enzymes and amino acids necessary for sustained health and vigour in your bonsai. Bio-Alg Fertiliser will promote the development of improved foliar colour and resistance to disease. Usage: mix 4ml of product per litre of water and apply every 10 to 14 days through spring and summer. This pack contains enough Bio-Alg Fertiliser to make over 60 litres of feed. N:P:K make up 0.1:0.1:0.1 Full application instructions are included on each bottle.


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