Japanese Copper Bonsai Wire

Copper Bonsai Wire in 1Kgm Rolls
Copper Bonsai Wire is used for positioning and shaping bonsai branches and twigs. This high quality product from Japan is annealed to the correct temper to give the necessary flexibility to enable ease of use and is available in range of different gauges to suit different branch sizes.
Copper wire is a superior product and, size for size, has a much greater holding strength than the more common Aluminium wire meaning a smaller gauge of wire can be used to achieve the same movement in a branch making it more discreet in use. Copper Bonsai Wire also has a natural colour which blends in far better with the natural bark colours. These two properties mean that Copper Bonsai Wire is much less noticeable in use on the tree, and this is the reason it is the product of choice for trees to be entered in exhibitions whilst wired.
As a guide to selecting the correct gauge of wire we suggest you use a gauge of about one third of the thickness of the branch you are trying to manipulate. This will vary depending on branch flexibility and tree species, and the age and thickness of the material you are working on.

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