Mica Bonsai Pots

These Mica Bonsai Pots are manufactured to a very high standard to produce a product that not only offers the benefit of being unbreakable, but also has good heat retention properties to keep the roots of your Bonsai just that bit warmer during the winter months, and a very good surface finish which can be further enhanced by the use of our Camelia oil. All measurements are external and approximate within manufacturers specifications. Mica Bonsai Pots are the toughest Bonsai Pot around. To say they are indestructible might be stretching a point, but they are very durable. Mica Bonsai Pots are made of 85% mineral mica, 5% graphite for color and 10% polyethelene to bind the materials together for extreme durability and outdoor display in weather conditions from freezing to very hot. Mica resists cracking in colder extremes, and repulses intense heat buildup in the roots during hot weather.

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